Fleet Spotlight

The Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition works with a variety of fleets in the Greater Yellowstone Area seeking to reduce their petroleum consumption. From municipalities to power companies to local businesses, everyone can benefit from taking steps to clean their air and reduce their fuel bills. Here are a select group of stand-out fleets that are driving forward in the right direction.

Idaho National Laboratory


INL uses nearly 400 on/off road vehicles, and have both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles running on biodiesel.
Preferred Winter Blend: B10
Preferred Summer Blend: B20
Annual Usage of B100: 100,000 gallons

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


JHMR has approximately 25 seasonal, off-road vehicles running on biodiesel, including snowcats.
Prefered Winter Blend: B5
Preferred Summer Blend: B10/B20
Annual Usage of B100: 6,000 gallons

Grand Targhee Resort


Grand Targhee Resort has a resort wide no-idling policy and has committed to providing public transportation for 70% of employees and 30% of skiers. They are also looking to retrofit a resort bus to enable it to run on waste veggie oil.

Grand Teton National Park


GTNP has 30 offroad vehicles and 32 onroad vehicles running on biodiesel.
Prefered Winter Blend: B20
Preferred Summer Blend: B20
Annual Usage of B100: 6,454 gallons



The Jackson, WY START bus system runs diesel-hybrid buses, as well as stringently managing idle times, training drivers in efficient driving techniques, designing efficient routes and picking up as many passengers as possible in effort to reduce petroleum consumption.

Wyoming Landscape Maintenance


WLM has a company-wide Idle-Reduction policy, and purchased 2 hybrid vehicles in spring 2011 to replace 1/2 ton pick-up trucks.

Idaho Falls Power


Idaho Falls Power has four plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Silver Star Wireless


Silver Star Wireless has implemented an Idle-Reduction policy.