About our Coalition

YTCEC’s Mission

Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition’s (YTCEC) mission is to displace the use of petroleum in the regional transportation sector, improve air quality through reduced harmful exhaust emissions, and increase energy security and sustainability. This is accomplished primarily through the promotion of alternative fuels and vehicles, integrated transportation systems, and conservation strategies and technologies that benefit the public interest by reducing energy consumption, particularly of petroleum based fuels.

Background Information

As the sole regional designee of the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition (YTCEC) functions as Department of Energy’s on-the-ground advocate focused on petroleum displacement activities in the Greater Yellowstone Region. Currently consisting of nearly 90 organizations across the country, the Clean Cities program has been responsible for displacing over 2.5 billion gallons of petroleum fuel since its inception. Affiliation with the Clean Cities Program provides YTCEC with access to regional and national support networks in order to bring a much broader perspective to local transportation projects. It also allows for access to unique funding opportunities related to supporting the Clean Cities mission. This affiliation, along with YTCEC’s regional standing as a resource and advocate for sustainable and efficient transportation, creates an ideal scenario for YTCEC to function as a clean transportation leader within the Greater Yellowstone Community in order to lessen the detrimental impacts of local transportation.