Promoting Fuels, Technologies, and Strategies to Reduce Regional Petroleum Use

Alternative Fuels

We work with fleets and consumers to determine which alternative fuels fit their needs. Biodiesel, ethanol, electricity and natural gas are the fuels available in our region. [More about Alternative Fuels]


We have a number of programs to promote petroleum reduction such as ‘Idle Free’ and the Green Parks Initiative. [More about Strategies]

Alternative Vehicles

With thousands of advanced vehicle technologies becoming available we work to promote and integrate these alternative vehicle technologies into our region. [More about Alternative Vehicles]


27% of our Nation’s energy use and 34% of our Greenhouse Gas emissions are attributed to transportation. 

Are you interested in spreading the word about alternative fuels in transportation?

The Coalition and the National Energy Foundation are proud to present an Alternative Fuel and Energy Efficiency Curriculum. The curriculum covers grades 3-adult and a variety of topics from energy conservation to hydrogen fuel cells to vehicle technologies.

The Coalition will be hosting a training in Billings on Friday, August 7, 2015 from 9am to 5pm at MSU Billings College of Education Building.

To register, click here or email

Attendees of the workshop will receive: 8 OPI Renewal Units, a biodiesel kit, a solar car kit, a petroleum technology workbook, the entire curriculum and will be well equipped to lead dozens of age-appropriate, interactive lesson plans on alternative fuel vehicles and energy efficiency.

Email with any questions!

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